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Why we love vinyl? We have been collection records since the 1960’s. Why? WE LOVE VINYL.


Take a look at our Collections of Albums and our favorite Vinyl in many colors and pressed into the vinyl.  

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Who is vinyl me please?  Learn more about VPM on Youtube. Look for me @ Surfacenoise.

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Check out our Top 100 Vinyl picks of all time, our Top 100 will be listed on this site. We have a large image base for our Best of all Time 

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       John Siden is Surface Noise, John grew up surrounded by music from a young age. John’s father played guitar and performed in bars prior to John being born, and his mother also loved music.

 There was always music playing around the house or while driving in the car, mostly    Country and Western on all forms, including vinyl, 8-track, and cassette.

John’s first personal interest in music was piqued when he saw an ad for the Monkees TV show, featuring reruns, which as an eight-year-old, he had no idea these episodes were from the ’60s.  

Vinyl me please

Vinyl me please is our supplier of new monthly Gems. VMP Send us Fresh Clean Pressed Vinyl.
We love Vinyl at Surface Noise . Keep updated here and on YouTube to see what they sent us for the month.
We will be posting our fresh releases from VMP. 

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